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About Us

About RBYM Pharmacy

Understanding the importance of such a science, RBYM Pharmacy possesses an independent school of pharmacy which is known to be the best pharmacy college.

It which offers a 4-year Bachelor’s course with heavily equipped ultramodern laboratories to add a practical on-field perspective to the contemporary knowledge the books are to offer, a highly experienced and learned faculties who are to guide and teach the students for the course. The awards brought in by the School of Pharmacy is just an evidence of the conviction of its teaching.

Uttar Pradesh ,despite being the most populous state of the country has been largely untouched by the global economic metamorphosis hitherto. Owing to the richest pool of natural, historical, cultural and human resources Uttar Pradesh certainly contains a potential promise. What it needs is the catalyst that can set the environment for tendering and harvesting these resources by providing appropriate professional educational opportunities keeping in pace with the new technological development, economic growth and placement opportunities reaping the harvest of booming Indian economy.

Ram Bachan Yadav Mahavidyalaya – College of Pharmacy


RBYM Pharmacy aims to transform the way people think by teaching them problem solving, leadership and teamwork skills, and the value of commitment to quality, ethical behavior, and respect for others. We want every member of our college to enjoy diverse opportunities for intellectual, personal and professional growth.


We at RBYM Pharmacy strive to educate students in a way that transforms them into leaders who can make a difference in the world. We aim to impart futuristic and high quality technical, management and medical education to the young and talented Indian students.